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Formely established as Ottawa Web Creations in 2016 and has now changed it's name to Cornwall Website Design. My name is Andre Lacasse and I was at the front lines when the Internet was unleashed upon the world. The internet revolutionized modern communications and changed the way we do business.

I started off working in Corporate Internet Support and sales and moved on to become a Senior Technical Support Teacher. Internet technologies have been continuously evolving but the most significant change has been the switch from desktop to mobile use allowing novice technology users to easily browse websites.

The companies that mostly affect the direction in which Internet technologies are headed are big telecommunications companies and a few search engines who have taken up the role of shaping the way websites and web technologies are used.

We stay current and updated to new internet technologies and guidelines so that websites we develop are competitive and provide the best end user experience. We take website design very seriously because in today's world your website is your virtual office. A client browsing a company website is as important as the client walking through your business doors.

CMS Content Management System

All of the websites we develop are custom coded to deliver information efficiently and use an interface that is unique to the company. We do not use frame work that will cause a website to be bloated with useless lines of code. Today's websites need to be designed with mobile first practices in mind. Mobile first means the website needs to be light, error free and fast to remain competitive.


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